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LED Light Therapy

Radiance Treatment known as a LED phototherapy and/or LED light therapy treatment are in high demand right now with successfully aims to promote healthier skin, repair sun damage, and encourage a more youthful appearance.


Light therapy is a painless, non-surgical and totally natural way of treating fine lines and wrinkles, loss of skin firmness, wound healing, acne skin conditions or/and helping to improve skin imperfections.

Light affects the skin on a cellular level, and can produce a variety of responses that are beneficial to the skin’s health and well-being. This is the science of photo-dermatology, using the knowledge that each color in the spectrum has its own frequency and vibration, and each of these stimulates a different healing response from the body.

Here to give you an idea for the spectrums of each color lights are:

    • 1Blue

Anti bacterial, shrink enlarged pores, minimizes redness and irritation

    • 2Purple

Revitalise and repair skin cells

    • 3Yellow

Replenish skin energy, enhances skin immune system, improves decongestion, activates toxin elimination

    • 4Red

Increases collagen production, restore cell function

    • 5Green

Fights free radicals, oxygenates the skin and reduces redness

This treatment can be also include or combine in another face or body treatment to increase skin firming and muscle toning. Please speak to a therapist to tailor a course of treatments especially for you.