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Moles, Skin Tags, Sebaceous Cysts and Warts Removal

Moles, Skin Tags, Sebaceous Cysts and Warts Removal

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We offer advanced electrolysis or laser for the treatment without damaging the surrounding skin. This very simple procedure quickly and effectively treats a variety of common skin irregularities, including cholesterol deposits, skin tags, sebaceous cysts, benign moles and more. To establish which treatment is right for you or find out more about this procedure, we are recommended you should first book an appointment with our professional consultant who can discuss an individual treatment plan to help you reach your concern goals.


In some cases, some people are more prone to developing skin irregularities than others. Usually, only one treatment is necessary, but if you are more prone to developing, you might require multiple treatments of new skin irregularities that develop.

After treatment, it is important to let the scab form over the skin irregularities naturally. Do not scratch or rub the area so that the scab can heal naturally because scratching can interfere with healing.